I don’t feel old enough to have a child that can drive. While it seems like just a few weeks have passed, it was sixteen years ago my teen driver was learning how to walk.

Walking Down Memory Lane…

I remember the day quite well. As I sat on one end of the living room, LeAnn sat at the other end (as we both were recovering from dengue fever! (I can tell that story another time…)), holding the hands of our 8-month-old. First she tried a step… and fell.

Then she began to get two steps in.

Then she made it to four.

Before you knew it, she could make it all the way across the carpet to me. I would help her turn around so she could toddle back to mom. And she hasn’t stopped since.

(In fact, those legs now run on the cross country team.)

Baby Church

A new church starting public worship services is a bit like a baby learning to walk.

We take an uneasy step.

Then another.

Then another.

Each step becomes a little stronger than the one before. We might stumble here and there, but eventually, with much persistence, we’ll not only walk strong, but we’ll soon run free.

As I watched Riverwood’s Launch Team work so hard last week setting up for our second soft-launch Worship Gathering (and then tearing it all down again!), I couldn’t help but be proud. Just like learning to walk is hard work, we were learning together how to prepare Riverwood for the public launch of our Worship Gatherings on Easter Sunday. Despite the uneven moments, the team kept going.

And because of their hard working attitude, I know each week we’ll step a little stronger.

So to our Launch Team – Thank You! Thank you for serving faithfully and selflessly. My prayer is that you will get to see God do what only He can do, and you’ll realize it was all worth it, no matter how hard it is getting our feet under us.