As I was working this week while simultaneously trying to watch an online conference about church planting, I had an interesting thought. (Yes, I have those every once in a while!)

Many people who aren’t part of a church see churches as having an agenda. They think that the church’s agenda is to make everyone look the same, to not let people think for themselves, or to simply rack up numbers (like the number of people in the seats, number of conversions, baptisms, members, or whatever it is they want to measure).

Because Riverwood is a bit different, it’s tempting to try to advertise ourselves as a church without an agenda.

But it hit me – that would be inaccurate. We do have an agenda.

We have an agenda to lead with grace.
We have an agenda to love.
We have an agenda to serve our community.
We have an agenda to lean on truth by studying the Bible.
We have an agenda to have fun.
We have an agenda to invite people to follow Jesus.

Because the above is our agenda, it means we don’t have an agenda to create cookie-cutter Christians. With our “culture of invitation,” we don’t force or manipulate anyone to do anything. We simply invite, and let people decide (with God’s guidance) what their next step is.

So Riverwood is a church with an agenda. But hopefully its an agenda you can get excited about!