Happy New Year! (One day early…)

Rather than begin a new series here on the blog, we wanted to give you a simple reminder that we begin our 21 Days of Prayer to begin 2021 THIS Sunday, Jan 3 (not tomorrow, Jan 1). We’ll kick off the 21 Days with the sermon Sunday morning (we have something unique and memorable planned), and then we’ll all do the “King’s Agenda” devotional booklets together. If you haven’t picked up your booklet yet, plan to do so this Sunday. If you are a regular online attender, you can either:

Along with our 21 Days of Prayer, we encourage you to fast from something – food, social media, TV, or whatever the Holy Spirit calls you to cut out of your life for some or all of the 21 Days so you can put your full focus on Jesus. If you missed Jake’s sermon on fasting from this past Sunday, catch up here.

Let’s commit ourselves as a church family to seek after God to start 2021. Let’s find our identity and rest in Him, so we might sense His presence and even hear Him.