by Erin Bird

This past Sunday, we studied 1 Corinthians 12:4-11, all about spiritual gifts. If you follow Jesus, do you know what spiritual gifts the Holy Spirit has given you? If not, here are the two things I suggested in my message that you can do to get a better picture of yourself:

#1 – Take a Spiritual Gifts Assessment

Here’s one of the best ones I’ve seen in a while. While it can’t completely reveal your spiritual gifts, it can give you some idea of how the Holy Spirit has wired you to serve and bless others.

#2 – Just serve!

Far better than taking an online assessment is to actually serve in some capacity. As we saw Sunday, your gift isn’t for you, it is for the common good. It is for others. So serve. Be a blessing in someone’s life. And as you serve, you’ll discover more and more how God has gifted you.

As we’ll see this Sunday, if you are a Jesus-follower, then you are a part of the “body of Christ” (aka the Church). And just as a body part like the hand or foot or eye is needed to help the body operate, you are needed to make the Church, the Body of Christ, operate at full function.

So go ahead and take an online assessment, but whatever you do, don’t just sit back letting others do the ministry. BE the Church! Contribute your gift into the mix for the common good. Find out how you’re gifted by serving.

If there is an area you are already interested in helping out in, [bspam mail=””]send me an email right now.[/bspam] If you aren’t sure where to serve, then let’s find a time to talk. If Riverwood is your home church, we need your gifts, and I’d love to help you find a way to contribute your gifts for the common good of our church family.