Give Thanks

by Erin Bird

I’ll make this super short this week as I’m sure you have food to eat, family to see, football to watch, a game to play, or a nap to enjoy. But let me encourage you to take a moment today to give God thanks for all that is in your life.

If things are going really well in life – it’s easy to give thanks. But what about when life is hard, like wandering in a desert without water, or like climbing the highest mountain without training or equipment?

Your desert or mountain might be a strained or failing relationship, health issues, financial struggles, job insecurity, future worries, or something else. Yet, as Matt showed us from Psalm 107 this past Sunday, the psalmist talked about people who went through difficulty, yet they still gave thanks to God.

Give ThanksSo don’t let the difficulties of life “win” today and make you feel defeated. Instead, may you give thanks, and in doing so, be reminded of just how much God has given you: food to eat, air to breathe, a body that works, friends or family who love you, and most of all, a Savior who saved you from your sin. He is always good! And may that help you give thanks.