by Erin Bird

If you are reading this on the day I am posting it out, I hope you remembered to wear your green today. (Technically, you are supposed to wear green if you are Catholic and orange if you are protestant, but what do us Americans know…)

But the timing of St. Patrick’s Day couldn’t come any better for us at Riverwood, because we are in the middle of our Putting Go Back in the Gospel series. And that’s exactly what St. Patrick did. He left his home to go to Ireland in order to tell people the Jesus story.

This Sunday, we conclude our series with “Share the Truth.” We will be walking word-by-word through the key passage for this series, as well as finding some simple ways we can “share the gospel” with our friends and family – and do it more like St. Patrick and less like a shady used car salesman or your socially-awkward uncle. I think you will find this Sunday extremely encouraging and helpful.

So I look forward to seeing you Sunday, 10:00 am, at the Civic Center, whether you are wearing green or not!