Here we are in the most important week in the Christian calendar! While our culture tends to get more excited about Christmas, Easter is a bit more important. Christmas celebrates Jesus’ birth (which is a REALLY big deal!), but babies are born all the time. However, it is NOT common for someone to rise from the dead a couple days after they were brutally killed by governmental authorities. And not only is the resurrection of Jesus the greatest miracle the world has ever seen or ever will see, He predicted all of it!

That’s why this Sunday, as we celebrate Riverwood’s 5th birthday, we will be looking at the Easter story (which, I will admit, we talk about almost every Sunday!) So here are some ideas for how to make this “Holy Week” weekend full of worship to draw your heart to God and prepare you to worship together as a church family on Easter Sunday:




  • Listen & learn the song “Resurrecting” which we’ll sing on Sunday.
  • Send a reminder text to anyone you invited to Sunday’s Worship Gathering to join you.
  • Read Isaiah 53.
  • Take a walk through your neighborhood, praying for this weekend to not just be a holiday weekend, but truly a Holy Weekend for your neighbors. Pray specifically for your neighbors to find and follow Jesus.