By Erin Bird

This week, we continue our How to Love series by looking at the idea of giving generous love to those around us.

Oftentimes, when I hear the word “generous,” I usually think of money. And “loving generously” can definitely include financial giving. (A thoughtful gift can be a GREAT way to show love.)

But at Riverwood, when we talk about giving, we don’t think just of money. Instead, we talk about giving our FIST, our Finances, Influence, Skills, and Time. These are four things that we often hold on to with our metaphorical fists, but if we are going to be like Jesus, we need to give these things away.

What I want you to realize is that when you open your hands and give your FIST generously, this is an act of love. Your finances, or time, or expertise, or energy might be exactly what someone else needs to know that they matter to God.

Jesus is the perfect example of FIST giving. He gave to people healings, wisdom, food, presence, and ultimately His very life – all out of love. And where does Jesus get this type of love? From His Father! God is love, and He displays His generous love by giving us His one and only Son.

So what do you need to give this week to show someone God loves them? Perhaps you could

  • give some one-on-one time to a friend, your spouse, or one of your kids?
  • give a gift to a coworker or classmate going through a tough time?
  • give your energy to the monthly Food Pantry on March 9?
  • donate an air mattress to Friends of the Family (see more below)
  • join a local board (like a PTA or neighborhood association) to bring a Christ-centered influence?
  • help someone with a car repair or cooking them a meal?
  • give someone a gift certificate to Walmart or a local restaurant

Whatever you choose to do, do it with an open FIST, seeking to show the same type of generous love God has shown you through Christ.