More than One Way to Grow

At Riverwood, we want to help you be like Jesus. And our “pathway” to do just that is to help you “Gather, Grow, Give, and Grow.”

One of our avenues for spiritual growth is Growth Groups. But there are far more ways to grow spiritually than just being part of a Growth Group!

Here are some ideas, links, and resources to help you grow spiritually:


At a recent Sunday Worship Gathering, we handed out the New in 90 Bible Reading bookmarks. (A great way to read the entire New Testament in only 3 months!) But here are a couple of other “Bible” ideas to get you growing:

  • If you have a smartphone, download the YouVersion app (they also have a website for online use). You can choose a reading plan, share notes and questions with others, and keep track of your progress.
  • I sometimes use Lumina, the NET Bible’s online cache of Bible tools. You can compare translations, read the NET Bible’s helpful notes, and pretend you know Greek! 😉
  • The main thing is to read the Bible regularly (even daily!) and begin studying it for yourself.
Here are a few of the books I’ve read that have helped me grow in my faith (links take you to Amazon)
Perhaps you aren’t a reader. Then why not listen? You can get most any book in audio form these days, as well as get the Bible in audio form (iTunes has several different versions.)

I personally listen to podcasted sermons – here are some of my favorites:

  • Andy Stanley (Northpoint Church in Atlanta, GA)
  • Tim Keller (Redeemer Presbyterian Church in Manhattan, NY)
  • Matt Chandler (The Village Church in TX)
Another great way to connect with God is through music. Some of my favorite “worship artists” are:
  • Matt Redman
  • The Brilliance
  • Loud Harp
  • All Sons & Daughters
  • Hillsong United
  • Jesus Culture
  • Robbie Seay Band (their new “Psalms” projects are great!)
  • And many more!

While Sunday mornings are about gathering for worship, there is a grow-component to our Gatherings. Hopefully you are growing through the teaching, song lyrics, prayer times, communion, and even the conversations before and after. And if you miss a Sunday, you can catch the message online.

I hope something from this list helps you grow in your faith. Pick one of the resources and try it out for a week or two. Again, the goal is to grow closer to Jesus and stay centered on him. So find what works for you and change it up when you need to!