When I was raising money to start Riverwood, potential prayer and financial supporters would ask me, “how many churches are there in Waverly?” At that time, I counted between 12-14 (the number varies because some it depends on which denominations/religions/cults you count as a “church.”)

But if you pause and think about it, there really is only one true church.

And it’s not Riverwood.

Nor Open Bible. Nor Grace Baptist or the Vineyard. Nor St. Mary or St. Paul’s or St. John.

The one church is Jesus’ Church.

All those who claim Jesus as their life leader and make his sacrifice on the cross the SOLE means of their salvation, choosing to make His gospel the core of their identity, are part of God’s church.

And God only has one Church.

Now, there are different expressions of that church. Some congregations are more celebratory. Some appreciate rich tradition. Some are more intellectual in their approach while others are more emotional in their worship. Some gatherings are in spacious buildings that leave you in awe, while others are in spaces that bring you close to others.

There are a variety of congregations, but when it comes down to it, there is only one Church. And Jesus is its pastor.

This coming Sunday afternoon, as part of Heritage Days, the one Church of Waverly is gathering to worship Jesus through song, Scripture, prayer, and more. We’ll gather at 4:00 pm at Kohlmann Park (across the river from the Civic Center where Riverwood meets most Sunday mornings). Redeeming Rebels will lead the one Church in worship through song. And we’ll have a wonderful reminder that while there are around 15 different congregations in Waverly, there is only one Church.

And that one Church will get to honor its Pastor.

So come Sunday morning at 10:00 am to the Civic Center to hear the next part of our Re: series, then come at 4:00 pm to Kohlmann Park to be part of something bigger.