By Erin Bird,

Prayer Time
Last Sunday, we had the pleasure of having Patrick Ray teach us on the topic of prayer from Romans 8. Because I was serving in Kids Creek, I went and listened to the podcast, and I really enjoyed Patrick’s message. (If you missed the message, you can catch it online or through any smartphone app you prefer to use for podcast listening).

So here are some ideas to help you go even further with prayer: 

  • Set your watch or phone alarm to go off every hour to remind you to pray.
  • Invite a fellow Jesus-follower to pray with you. (Something powerful and amazing happens when we pray aloud with others. And if you are married, pray with your spouse!)
  • Don’t spend all of your prayer time talking. Spend a moment in silence.
  • Keep a journal of prayers so you can see how God has answered them.
  • Use an app like Echo on your smartphone to keep prayer requests and get reminders throughout the day to pray.
  • When someone shares an emotional struggle with you, offer to pray for them right then and there. (If they say no, that’s fine. Let them know you’ll pray for the right after your conversation.)
  • Lastly, as Patrick recommended (and even gave time for during his message), allow the Scriptures to guide you to pray. Patrick suggested selecting a Psalm, but you can use almost any of Scripture (although the genealogy passages might be difficult!)

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