Thanks to the fine work of everyone at Fervor, Riverwood has a logo!

When it came time to develop a logo for this yet-to-launch church, we wanted something unique, yet chock full of meaning.  We wanted a “clean” look, but not so perfect as to deny the messiness of life.  And we wanted something that could last (we aren’t a church that will be chasing every fad).  Fervor fully delivered.

So what exactly do those 4 circles in the logo mean?

  • First, the 4 circles correspond with our 4G Pathway – Gather, Grow, Give, Go.
  • The 3 larger circles are imperfect – just like our lives.
  • But the inner circle is perfect, representing Christ in a person’s life.
  • These imperfect/perfect circles represent our definition of the “Gospel” which is the ongoing story of God redeeming broken & imperfect people and restoring them into the complete & perfect image of Christ through the life, death, & resurrection of Jesus.
  • Also, if you imagine looking down on water during a light sprinkle of rain, you might see something like this.  No deep significance, we just kind of liked it!

If you are in need of branding a company, a non-profit, a church, a bank, or even a community, (whether creating the brand, changing it, or improving it), we highly recommend Mike and his entire team at Fervor.