If I were a kid learning about manhood from today’s American culture, I think I might come to the conclusion that manhood is about making lots of money, having lots of expensive toys, being really good at something (like sports or fixing things), and claiming a lot of sexual conquests.

If this is the true definition of manhood, then I’d fail miserably. I drive a minivan that’s rusting. My TV was donated (we just ignore the green lines…). I’m incredibly un-handy. And girls had absolutely zero interest in me growing up.

Thankfully, as I study the timeless truths of the Bible, I come to a different conclusion that the popular definition. I think Jesus was the most “manly” guy ever. But he didn’t seem to be about money, possessions, and sexual prowess. Instead, the way I read it, I see through the life of Jesus an empathy for people, a passion for God’s Kingdom, a servant leader, and a the willingness to do whatever it takes to accomplish his goals, which included the cross.

Therefore, being a man has nothing to do with being popular with the girls, or raking in the dough, or having cool cars or gadgets, or being able to slam home runs. In fact, it’s not even about being a dad. Rather, being a man means leading others by serving them… like Jesus did.

So while our culture celebrates Dads this Sunday, I encourage any guy reading this to celebrate Jesus by seeking to be like Him everyday. Serve those around you. Use your talents to help others. In essence, give your life away. That’s being a man!