by Erin Bird

Today, we continue our walk through the Beatitudes here on the blog. We are ready for verse 6 in Matthew 5, which reads…

“Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they shall be satisfied.”
Matthew 5:6

A Different Food

So let me just come out and admit it – I like food. In fact, I like all types: Chinese, Italian, barbecue, spicy, sweet, salty, and of course, chocolate. I find a meal with good friends or family to be gratifying. (Ok, a bowl of ice cream by myself is also enjoyable…)

But the thing is, even after I’m stuffed from overeating, within a day or two, I can find myself famished once again. No matter how much I eat, or how delicious the dish was, I am not completely satisfied. I will hunger and thirst again.

The type of hunger that Jesus is referring to in this beatitude is different than physical food. There is a “food” that CAN satisfy. And that “food” is Jesus – He is the only one who is truly righteous.

Eating Jesus

In John 6:48, Jesus calls himself “the bread of life.” No matter what Jimmy Johns says, no bread can truly satisfy you. You will always hunger again. But Jesus is “bread” that both truly satisfies and truly gives life.

There are many “breads” we hunger for: attention, power, sex, money, physical attractiveness, gadgets, shoes, and more. But none of those “breads” can truly satisfy. None of them can truly give life.

What are you hungering for today?

So let me ask you: What are you hungering for today? Is it merely food? Or is it more money or more power? Are you thirsting for attention, or love, or a fit body?

If you aren’t first and foremost hungering and thirsting for righteousness, for the gospel, for Jesus, then take some time to pray, asking God to realign your desires with His desires. Ask Him to transform your primary hungering into a longing for righteousness found only in Jesus.