Faith through the Furnace (Daniel #3)

Life can put us in some awkward or difficult situations. Sometimes we do something or don’t do something and all of a sudden we feel trapped in a hard situation. If its bad enough, it may feel like everything is on fire and we don’t know what to do next. This week Pastor Erin Bird continues our dive into the book of Daniel and talks about Daniel and his friends experience in the fiery furnace. He helps us see what it looks like to trust God when things don’t go the way we want.

Grace for Grace (#Unexpected #7)

When someone does something rather mean to you, or treats you unfairly, you want to cry out, “That’s not fair!”

But in part 7 of the #Unexpected series from the Sermon on the Mount, we hear Jesus tell us to actually be unfair. Not the  kind of unfairness we experience from others, but a type of unfairness that is a benefit toward others, especially those who are difficult to love.

So listen in to learn how to give Grace for Grace. Oh, and you’ll also learn in this message how to be purple. 😉

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