Conscience & Jesus (& Jesus #7)

When it comes to the role of conscience in the Christian faith, things can get a bit sticky. The conscience of one Jesus-followers allows him to enjoy a beer while the conscience of another Jesus-follower won’t let her even walk into a bar. Does this mean God is unfair? Or that one of the Jesus-followers is wrong in his or her conviction?

Join us as Pastor Erin Bird walks us through this difficult issue by studying Romans chapter 14.

Pleasure & Jesus (& Jesus #6)

Oftentimes, when a person feels stressed or uncomfortable in life, he or she will seek out pleasure to bring some relief. But sometimes, the pleasure they seek keeps them from the life they truly want.

In this sixth part of the & Jesus sermon series, Pastor Erin Bird walks through Romans 13:11-14, which shows Jesus-followers that life on this earth is not the time to fill up with as much pleasure as one can get. Rather, it’s time for something far more meaningful and important.

Listen in as we look at the topic of “Pleasure & Jesus.”

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