The Gospel & The Past (The Everyday Gospel #7)

All of us have a past. Some of us are quite proud of the things in our past – accomplishments, relationships, or fond memories. Others of us are ashamed of our past. And some of us probably have a mixed past, one filled with both pride and shame.

But have you ever stopped to consider how the gospel speaks into your past, both the good moments and the regrettable ones?

In this second message in The Everyday Gospel (The Self Edition) (and part 7 overall in the series), Riverwood Partner Matt Townsley teaches from 2 Corinthians 5:10-23 to help us see how the death and resurrection of Jesus changes the way we view our past and how God can use it for the future.

The Light Path out of Hypocrisy (1 John #2)

To be human means to be a hypocrite. And that’s a problem, because hypocrisy is a sin, and sin cannot be in the presence of a perfect holy God. So what is a human to do?

In this week’s message, we look at the challenging yet encouraging words written by the Apostle John so long ago that let us know we do not need to be trapped in the darkness of our sin and hypocrisy.

Community (Disciplined #2)

Relationships are hard. Hang out with someone long enough, and you will inevitably get hurt, whether through their words or actions. And when we get hurt, we often want to pull away from the relationship.

However, humans were created as relational creatures. So we want to be in relationship, and yet we get hurt by those relationships. So how do we live in this tension?

Listen in to learn how to allow the spiritual discipline of community help you grow to be more like Jesus.

Relationships & Jesus (& Jesus #2)

The story of Batman isn’t just a comic book story or a super hero story. It is actually a revenge story. It is a story about Bruce Wayne getting revenge upon crime for taking his parents from him when he was a kid.

Living inside of you is an inner Batman – a character that wants revenge whenever something or someone is taken from you. This inner Batman makes us feel strong, but he actually robs us of having amazing, healthy relationships. If you want to have the type of relationships that you dream about, then your inner Batman has to die.

In this second part in the & Jesus series, our teaching pastor, Erin Bird, walks us through Romans 12:9-21, showing us how to help our inner Batman die so the image of Jesus can rise within us.

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