Forward with Generosity (FORWARD #3)

Money. (Yep, we went there!) Why do churches seem to always talk about money?

Well, we can’t tell you why other churches talk about money so much. But at Riverwood, we don’t talk about it as much as we probably should, but when we do, we look at not what we can get FROM you as much as what God wants FOR you. And we believe  God wants you to be generous like Him.

So listen in as Pastor Erin Bird teaches from the book of Acts about the joy that can be found through generosity.

The Gospel & Giving (The Everyday Gospel #10)

Well-known pastor Andy Stanley says that “Giving isn’t about what God wants from you, it’s about what God wants FOR you.”

Riverwood’s pastor, Erin Bird, agrees. In this second message in the “Money Edition” of The Everyday Gospel, Pastor Erin shows from 2 Corinthians 9 that financial contentment comes not in a big bank account or huge pay raise, but rather through giving in six different ways. No matter what your current financial status, this message will challenge yet inspire you to discover what God wants for you and your money.

Generosity (Disciplined #6)


Yep, we’re going there. The topic of finances is quite the sticky topic to discuss in church. And yet, if you want to love like Jesus loved and live like Jesus lived, you have to wrestle with the topic.

In this sixth part of the Disciplined series, Jacob Tews helps Jesus-followers see the beauty of living generously, particularly when it comes to the area of finances. So listen in to be challenged and inspired to enter into the spiritual discipline of giving.

Be Stupid (#Unexpected #13)

Thomas Edison was “stupid.” People told him that you can’t invent an electric candle. It just can’t be done. But Edison was clearly too stupid to realize the truth of what they were saying, because after a thousand failed attempts, Edison finally succeeded, changing the entire world with his invention of the lightbulb.

Likewise, many people believe that prayer is a waste of time. And if you are  generous, you will be taken advantage of. Therefore prayer and generosity are stupid. And yet in His Sermon on the Mount, Jesus tells us to be stupid in both prayer and  generosity, to keep going with both, even when those around us think we are being “stupid.”

Because there is something to be said about stupidity.

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