Vision Sunday

We believe God has given Riverwood a very important mission, to invite the spiritually disconnected of our communities to find and follow Jesus. But are we accomplishing it?

On Vision Sunday, Pastor Erin Bird helps us look back at 2019 to see how we did and did not accomplish our God-given mission, and Elder Tim Corcoran helps us look ahead to 2020 to see what might be ahead to help us continue helping people in our region find Jesus.

This is a memorable Sunday in the life of Riverwood, so give this week’s message a listen!

Sharing the Gospel with Joy and Confidence

Most people naturally share that which pleases them. We typically don’t hesitate to share about a movie we enjoyed, or a great new restaurant we visited.

Guest teacher and Riverwood “missionary” Patrick Ray, a church planter from North Minneapolis, shows us from John 1 that when people met Jesus, they got excited and couldn’t help but tell others. If you are a Jesus-follower, may this message inspire you to find joy in Jesus, so you, too, can share Him with confidence.

Lord, Send Me (Dangerous Prayers #3)

Just as the decorations at a party can serve as clues as to what type of party you are at, the Bible is filled with clues that God has established a theme in life of sending people to bless others.

In this final message in the Dangerous Prayers series, Pastor Erin Bird shows us God’s sending theme by taking us through multiple passages of the Scripture, inspiring Jesus-followers to pray “Lord, Send Me.”

Are you ready surrender everything to God and let Him send you to bless others?

Be a Rubber Band (#Unexpected #2)

In this second part of our study of the Sermon on the Mount, we look at what it means to be salt and light by looking at the property, problems, and purpose of these two elements. Which naturally leads to a discussion on rubber bands. 😉

If you are a follower of Jesus, this message will simultaneously encourage you and challenge you in how you live your life daily as a Jesus-follower. And if you aren’t a follower of Jesus yet, this will give you a glimpse of what your life should look like if you do decide to become a Jesus-centered person.

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