Mighty God (A Son is Given #2)

Have you ever had an initial impression of someone only to discover you were totally wrong? You might have made a wrong assumption about their age, education level, or importance at work.

Throughout history, large swaths of humanity have made the same mistake about Jesus. They have thought of him as just another human, or a wise sage, or even a great prophet from God. But those assessments are WAY off.

Listen in to this second message in the A Son is Given Advent series to be reminder or even to discover that Jesus isn’t just a great human, but rather the Mighty God.

Incarnational Impact (An Incarnational Christmas #1)

The New Oxford American Dictionary defines “incarnation” as “a person who embodies in the flesh a deity.” In Christianity, the incarnation of Jesus, God the Son, into human flesh is a foundational doctrine to the faith. But this doctrinal truth does more than just separate Christianity from other religions, it impacts the meaning of Christmas and our view of God.

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