Redefining Religion (Mark #9)

Ever thought you knew the words to a song, but it turns out you were singing it all wrong? Some of the Jewish leaders of Jesus’ day thought they knew how to do thing likes fasting and observing the Sabbath, but turns out they were off the mark.

In this week’s message, Pastor Erin Bird walks us through Mark 2:18–3:6 showing how we are much like the ancient Jewish leaders who were off in their understanding of religion and obeying God. So if you have a desire to have a close relationship with God that isn’t a burden to your soul, listen in.

Cain & Abel & Jesus (His Story #4)

Why do we do the things we don’t want to do? We eat too much, we drink too much, we buy too much. We know we shouldn’t do them, but we do them anyway.

In this fourth message in our His Story series, we see through the sad story of Cain & Abel how to overcome the tendency to do the things we know we shouldn’t do. So listen in to be empowered to live the life you want to live.

Jesus at the Fall (His Story #3)

For some people, the subject of sin is a very uncomfortable topic. For others, it is a ridiculous topic. And yet for others, it’s simply no big deal.

But the Bible treats the topic of sin as a very important one that MUST be addressed. And the topic is first discussed very early in the Bible in Genesis chapter 3.

In this third message in the His Story series, we study this infamous chapter, seeing just how pervasive sin is. However, rather than leave us depressed, or walk away mocking the concepts, we actually see Jesus in the story and the hope He brings. So listen in to discover just how much God loves you and all of humanity, even though you have had moments when you royally messed up like Adam and Eve.

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