The Light Path out of Hypocrisy (1 John #2)

To be human means to be a hypocrite. And that’s a problem, because hypocrisy is a sin, and sin cannot be in the presence of a perfect holy God. So what is a human to do?

In this week’s message, we look at the challenging yet encouraging words written by the Apostle John so long ago that let us know we do not need to be trapped in the darkness of our sin and hypocrisy.

Appearances (Battle of the Sexes #2)

Doesn’t it drive you nuts when someone claims to be a Christian, but acts the complete opposite? They dress the part, talk the part, and fool everyone into thinking that because their outward appearance is that of a Christian, they must be one.

But following Jesus is far more a heart-thing than an appearance-thing.

If you are the type of person who doesn’t want to be a hypocrite, this message is for you. (Even if the Bible passage is about head coverings.)

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