Interrupted Desires (Interrupted #5)

It’s easy to see when someone is engaging in an activity that isn’t good for them. But when someone tries to interrupt OUR desires, well… that’s a different story! But what if God is interrupting our desires not to rob us of something good, but rather to give us something even better?

That’s what we see in this final part of Jonah’s story. And by looking at Jonah’s story, we might see how God is wanting to impact our story for our good.

State of the Church Address

The mission of Riverwood Church is to invite the spiritually disconnected to find and follow Jesus. But how did we do in 2015 accomplishing that mission? And what do we need to do in 2016 to make sure we adhere to this mission God has give us as a church?

In this unique message, Erin lays out the answers to these questions, and casts a vision for what our focus needs to be for 2016.

Invitations (Dynamic #3)

You have most likely had your life changed by an invitation. Whether it was an invitation to attend a specific college, or an invitation to get married, or an invitation to join a company in a different state, your life was changed through an invite. If you want to be Dynamic, then you need to learn how to leverage the power of invitation, because you just might get the joy of watching God change someone’s life through your simple invite.

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