The Light Path out of Hypocrisy (1 John #2)

To be human means to be a hypocrite. And that’s a problem, because hypocrisy is a sin, and sin cannot be in the presence of a perfect holy God. So what is a human to do?

In this week’s message, we look at the challenging yet encouraging words written by the Apostle John so long ago that let us know we do not need to be trapped in the darkness of our sin and hypocrisy.

An Incarnational Life (An Incarnational Christmas #3)

Many Americans love to drive around town in December looking at Christmas lights. (We are like bugs drawn to the light!) Why? Perhaps because light, while it is outside of us, does something within us. Light gives us some joy, a bit of hope, and a sense of awe.

Maybe this is why Jesus is called “the Light of the World.”

In this third part of our teaching series “An Incarnational Christmas” we discover that Jesus, as the light, has come to give us joy, hope, and awe. But his incarnation does more than just give us light. It also changes how we live.

So listen in to “An Incarnational Life.”

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