The Four Chairs – Easter Sunday (Mark #6)

Every Easter Sunday, the global Church celebrates the resurrection of Jesus. But then most people who attend those churches just go back to regular life on Monday. Should the resurrection of Jesus impact the life you are living in 2020?

In a unique short-film sermon, Pastor Erin Bird teaches from the Parable of the Soils in Mark 4:1-20, helping us think about the type of legacy we want to leave behind when our time on earth is done. And he will argue that the resurrection of Jesus makes all the difference in the type of life you live.

Serving (Disciplined #5)

If you were to ask a random Christian to name some spiritual disciplines, “serving” would probably not be one of the first disciplines listed, if at all. And yet serving is an incredibly important discipline because it helps to change our selfish hearts.

So listen in to learn how the discipline of serving can help you grow spiritually, as well as learn who you are to serve.

An Incarnational Life (An Incarnational Christmas #3)

Many Americans love to drive around town in December looking at Christmas lights. (We are like bugs drawn to the light!) Why? Perhaps because light, while it is outside of us, does something within us. Light gives us some joy, a bit of hope, and a sense of awe.

Maybe this is why Jesus is called “the Light of the World.”

In this third part of our teaching series “An Incarnational Christmas” we discover that Jesus, as the light, has come to give us joy, hope, and awe. But his incarnation does more than just give us light. It also changes how we live.

So listen in to “An Incarnational Life.”

Looking Back Looking Forward (Riverwood’s 3rd Birthday)

Have you ever looked at a decision and said in your head “I can’t do that!” or “That’s not possible”?

In the book of Numbers chapter 13, we see the Israelites, upon hearing some hard news, adopt a mentality of “impossible!” But in the midst of the people saying, “we can’t!” there were two men who looked toward God and said, “we can!”

On it’s third birthday, Riverwood looked at the story of the twelve spies from Numbers 12, and the topic of faith. Let’s take a look and see how we as the Riverwood family should live with faith in God.

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