Psalm 42 (Summer of Psalms #2)

This will be our first Sunday back for in-person gatherings! While we are excited to be together again, most of us have undoubtedly been through some turbulent times. To some extent, we’ve all encountered loss, grief, frustration, and suffering within the span of these last few months.

In this week’s message, Worship Leader Jake Epley will walk us through Psalm 42, a lament that teaches us that in the midst of depression and discouragement, our only hope is found in God alone who truly satisfies.

Redefining Religion (Mark #9)

Ever thought you knew the words to a song, but it turns out you were singing it all wrong? Some of the Jewish leaders of Jesus’ day thought they knew how to do thing likes fasting and observing the Sabbath, but turns out they were off the mark.

In this week’s message, Pastor Erin Bird walks us through Mark 2:18–3:6 showing how we are much like the ancient Jewish leaders who were off in their understanding of religion and obeying God. So if you have a desire to have a close relationship with God that isn’t a burden to your soul, listen in.

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