The Four Chairs – Easter Sunday (Mark #6)

Every Easter Sunday, the global Church celebrates the resurrection of Jesus. But then most people who attend those churches just go back to regular life on Monday. Should the resurrection of Jesus impact the life you are living in 2020?

In a unique short-film sermon, Pastor Erin Bird teaches from the Parable of the Soils in Mark 4:1-20, helping us think about the type of legacy we want to leave behind when our time on earth is done. And he will argue that the resurrection of Jesus makes all the difference in the type of life you live.

Joy in Obedience (Genuine Joy #6)

Some humans will hear about various dangers in life, whether smoking cigarettes, eating too much sugar, or driving a motorcycle without a helmet, and proceed to ignore them. Why? Because they believe the “rules” of life don’t apply to them.

Sometimes, Christians will do the same thing. They will hear the “rules” of the Bible, but think they don’t apply to them. What they don’t realize is that these so-called “rules” don’t exist to make life miserable, rather, they exist to bring them joy.

Listen in as Pastor Erin Bird walks us through Philippians 2:12-18, showing how gospel-motivated obedience can lead to genuine joy.

Lord, Break Me (Dangerous Prayers #2)

If you’ve ever been lost, whether while hiking or driving, you know that sometimes in order to go forward, you have to first go back.

In our spiritual lives, sometimes in order to go forward in our faith, we need to go back in a sense, to allow God to break us, to remove some things in our lives, such as selfishness or sinful patterns, so that He can mold and shape us into who He sees us to be.

In this second part of our “Dangerous Prayers” series, Pastor Erin Bird shares through Jeremiah 18:1-6 as well as through his own life story, how painful the breaking process can be, but also how necessary it can be. If you are the type of person who wants to follow Jesus closely, listen in to “Lord, Break Me.”

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