Note from Erin: Since Josh is the creator of the Science VBS curriculum Riverwood will be using for our VBS Day Camp July 31 and Aug 1, I thought it would be good for you to hear from him.

By Josh Denhart

One of the “basic” elements of faith is scripture memory. Memorizing Bible verses comes easier to some, but maybe not for you.

At Riverwood Church’s “Science VBS Day Camp,” your kids will be encouraged to memorize a Bible verse that corresponds with each lesson — Believe, Ask, Serve, Impact, Celebrate. Each memory verse has it’s own scripture song written by Lantern Music.

Your kids will enjoy hearing these catchy tunes and watching the professional music videos that go along with them. Hopefully they will come home each night singing these songs and eager to share their new Bible verses with you. What a great opportunity to work on scripture memory as a family this summer!


Josh Denhart is the Children’s Pastor at Valley Church in West Des Moines, as well as the author of the BASIC Elements VBS curriculum. Josh hosts a traveling, character-based program called “The Amazing Chemistry Show”  where he gets to combine his chemistry teaching background and love for Jesus. Josh is married to Sarah, and together they have four kids.

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