Note from Erin: Since Josh is the creator of the Science VBS curriculum Riverwood will be using for our VBS Day Camp July 31 and Aug 1, I thought it would be good for you to hear from him. Here is his second guest post.

By Josh Denhart

Summer schedules seem to fill up so fast. You may be struggling to fit in your kids’ favorite activities between much needed down-time and summer vacations. As you decide what takes priority in your what’s left of your summer, I want you to think about this: Studies show 75 percent of kids who are part of a strong evangelical church will leave the church and any connection to Christ from age 18-29.

Further research asked this question: What was happening right in the 25 percent who stayed?

Research shows five things were true of the 25 percent who DID NOT leave the church and a relationship with Christ from age 18-29:

  1. Ate dinner at least 5 of 7 nights a week as a family
  2. Served WITH their families in a faith-based ministry
  3. Were entrusted with significant responsibility in a ministry at a young age
  4. Had at least one significant spiritual experience in the home during the week
  5. Had at least one adult in their lives, other than their parents, who believed the same thing as their parents

Attending a summer VBS program is an opportunity to see #5 happen in your child’s life. So give your kids a fun, engaging and memorable week of exploring science and the “BASIC” elements of faith at Riverwood’s Science VBS Day Camp. And when you are having family dinner, enjoy hearing a recap of their hands-on science experience and practice reciting the daily Bible verse with them.

Josh Denhart is the Children’s Pastor at Valley Church in West Des Moines, as well as the author of the BASIC Elements VBS curriculum. Josh hosts a traveling, character-based program called “The Amazing Chemistry Show”  where he gets to combine his chemistry teaching background and love for Jesus. Josh is married to Sarah, and together they have four kids.

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