Who we are and what we do

We are on a mission
to help people just like you
find and follow Jesus.

It doesn't matter to us if you:

  • are a Wartburg student or a grandparent,
  • vote Democrat or Republican,
  • are married, divorced, or single,
  • have gone to church for years or haven't been to church in years,
  • make $100,000/yr. or wonder how you're going to pay rent this month,
  • or fear your past mistakes might keep God or others from loving you.

No matter where you are in your spiritual journey,
we want to help you become who God has created you to be.

We seek do this through our "pathway":
Gather, Grow, Give, Go


Every Sunday, we gather together to worship Jesus. We believe His death on a cross and resurrection from the dead changes everything for us. So we happily gather each week to sing to Him and study the Scriptures to learn more about following Jesus and being more like Him.

By the way, if you join us on a Sunday, we won't expect you to know all the songs or even where the books of the Bible are. If you have a Bible, even a digital Bible on your phone (we recommend the free Bible app), bring it with you. If not, no worries; we usually have the Scripture up on the TV screens for you to read along with us.

To know more about our Sunday Worship Gatherings...


For us, to "follow Jesus" means we grow spiritually. At Riverwood, we take a two-handed approach to your spiritual growth.

First, we encourage you to develop personal spiritual disciplines like Bible reading and prayer. (To help you, download a Bible reading plan here.)

But following Jesus isn't a solo act! That's why secondly, we encourage you to get into a Growth Group. Our Growth Groups meet throughout the week during the school year, studying the Scripture from Sunday's message in greater depth.

To find out when our Groups meet, visit our Events page.

By the way, everyone is welcome at our Groups. There is no entrance exam and no quiz at the end; just encouragement to go the next step in your journey with Jesus.


At Riverwood, when we talk about Giving, we are talking about more than just money. (After all, Jesus didn't simply give money, He gave His life!) This is why we invite the Riverwood Family to generously open their "FIST" – their Finances, Influence, Skills, and Time.

One way we give as a church family is through our FirstServe events, such as the monthly Waverly Food Bank, the annual Family Fun Fair, or helping with a Habitat for Humanity house.


Just as Jesus was sent by God the Father to live in 1st Century Palestine to give his life to rescue sinful mankind, Jesus-followers are sent by God's Spirit to give their lives to be a blessing to the world.

This, to us, is the ultimate way to be like Jesus - to set aside our selfishness to love those around us, show grace to them, and invite them to find and follow Jesus themselves.


In case you are still curious...