Our fun, safe, Jesus-centered, kid-focused environments


Kids are super important to us! And because we believe kids matter, we strive to make Kids Creek an engaging environment where kids can learn about Jesus and the Gospel at age-appropriate levels on Sundays.

Parents always have the option to bring their kids with them to the Worship Gathering, but because we are serious about wanting to help all people go deeper in a relationship with Jesus, we want even kids to learn and understand this idea in a context designed just for them.

Current Kids Creek Classes

Elementary (grades K-4th, 5th-6th grade welcome)

Our Elementary kids have a blast every Sunday singing songs, participating in highly engaging activities, and most of all learning about Jesus and the Bible through the Gospel Story curriculum.

Preschool (ages 3-5)

Our Preschoolers also have a fun morning playing in a safe environment, enjoying a snack, and learning about Jesus through the preschool-level of the Gospel Story curriculum.

Nursery (birth - age 2)

Your little one will experience the love of Jesus from our dedicated volunteers through a time of engaging play.

How to Find Kids Creek

When you walk into Droste Hall at the Fairgrounds, simply look to your left for the Kids Creek Welcome banner next to the check-in table where your kids will get signed in and head off to a fun morning learning about Jesus!

Parents & Volunteers

If you are looking for the Kids Creek Manual, look no further!

If you have more questions before you come on a Sunday,
don't hesitate to contact us via the information below, or via email.