We want you to meet the great team God has given us.


The Sunday Team leads our volunteer teams who create the environment where every person in attendance at our Sunday Worship Gatherings is invited to connect with Jesus and one another.


Vision & Teaching

Spouse: LeAnn

Children: 4 (two girls, two boys), and one son-in-law

Hometown: Shenandoah, IA

Favorite Hobby: long distance swimming for exercise

Favorite Drink: Honey-laced English Breakfast Tea spiked with cayenne pepper & cinnamon

A favorite "passion": Movies (especially Christopher Nolan films)

One fun thing many people might not know about me: I once finished in second place in the Gladstone, MO "Big Splash" competition. I can do a mean can-opener!


Worship Gatherings

Spouse: Grace (on July 20, 2019!)

Hometown: Waverly

Workplace: Riverwood and Exceptional Persons, Inc.

Favorite Hobby: Playing board games and video games with friends

Favorite Food: Chicago deep-dish pizza

Favorite Musician: John Mark McMillan

Favorite Passion: Getting to write new songs with good friends

One fun thing many people might not know about me: I’m left-handed, but only when it comes to writing. Additional fun fact? I type ambidextrously.



Spouse: Abby

Kids: 1 newborn son

Hometown: Readlyn, Iowa

Workplace: ABC Supply

Favorite hobbies: Golf, listening to music, meeting friends at coffee shops and talking about their life dreams

Favorite food: Any Asian cuisine, Scratch Cupcakes!

Favorite artist: Tobymac (and so many others!)

Favorite movies: The Avengers series

A favorite passion: Discussing and helping develop my wife’s fantasy book series (she’s a very talented author!)

One fun thing many people might not know about me: I spin a stick in circles for fun (also known as Bo staff tricking). It’s great until you hit yourself in the head, or the ankle, or other places!


Kids Creek

Spouse: Ed

Children: 5 (4 boys, 1 girl)

Hometown: Waterloo, IA 

Workplace: My home  🙂

Favorite Hobby: Drinking coffee and reading

Favorite Food: chocolate chip cookies

Favorite Movie: Ferris Bueller's Day Off

A favorite "passion": My family - and rearranging my living room!

One fun thing many people might not know about me: I have snorkeled the Great Barrier Reef, been white water rafting and rode in a hot air balloon.



Spouse: Randy

Kids:  two adult boys

Hometown: Lewiston, NY

Workplace: I was an RN until my first son was a year, then became a Domestic Engineer (and occasional control freak).

Favorite food: Chocolate (of course!)

Hobbies: Flower arranging & feeding people

Favorite movie: Ever After

One fun thing many people might not know about me: I have held the Discus record at Lew-Port High School in New York for the last 36 years. There was one girl who so desperately wanted to beat my record she actually hated me - until she met me and eventually became my sister-in-law!


Our Overflow (Youth) Growth Groups meet every Wednesday night during the school year from 7:00 - 8:30 pm where the kids study Scripture and how the gospel applies to everyday life.


Boys Growth Group Leader

Spouse: Cheryl

Kids: 3 - two boys, one girl

Hometown: St. Paul, Nebraska 

Workplace: Allen Clinic Pharmacy (pharmacist)

Favorite Food: pizza & Pepsi (yes, I'm still 12 apparently)

Favorite Movie: Inception 

A favorite "passion": Husker football & Creighton Basketball 

One fun thing people might not know about me: I made fun of soccer my whole life and now its basically the only sport any of my kids will play...and I coach one of them in it. Isn't it ironic?

Cheryl Badura

Girls Growth Group Leader

Spouse: Cory

Kids: Same as Cory 🙂

Hometown: Lived in Morton Grove, IL until high school, then Waverly

Workplace: Millennium Therapy

Favorite Hobby: Traveling

Favorite Food: Chicago style deep dish pizza

Favorite Band: Rhett Walker Band

A favorite "passion": Trades of Hope, meeting with women to encourage one another in our faith

One fun thing many people might not know about me: I went bungee jumping in college


Our Elder Team loves & cares for our church family by helping us follow Jesus. They regularly pray for the Riverwood family, teach us from the Scriptures, and guide us into the future we believe God holds for us. And they'd love to welcome you into the Riverwood family as well!



Spouse: Jeni

Kids: Two boys & two girls

Hometown: Lovettsville, VA

Workplace: Stonebridge LTD. Cedar Falls, IA

Favorite Hobby: Triathlons

Favorite Food: MEAT!

Favorite Movie: Star Wars

A favorite "passion":  Family bike rides

One fun thing many people might not know about me: I swam against Michael Phelps. (He beat me!)


Vision & Teaching

You can read about Erin above, but here are a few more "favorites"

Another Hobby: Graphic Design

Favorite Food: Ice cream or dark chocolate

A favorite "passion": Sports, specifically Kansas City Royals baseball, Nebraska Cornhusker football, & Wartburg wrestling

Another fun thing many people might not know about me: I once ate an ant head that had been soaked in spicy pepper juice.



Spouse: Sara

Kids: 3 (1 boy, 2 girls) - and sometimes foster kids!

Hometown: Sumner

Workplace: Steege Construction

Favorites: (We'll tell you as soon as Tim has time to tell us! He's probably fixing up a rental for someone right now if he isn't building something in his garage, helping provide respite care for some foster kids, or cheering on his Iowa State Cyclones.)



Spouse: Bridget

Children: Same as Bridget 🙂

Hometown: New Hartford, IA

Workplace: National Guard//Army Aviation Support Facility// Det 1 Co A 1/376th S&S (Support & Surveillance)

Hobby: Wood… chopping, sawing, shaping, cutting, working, etc. (oh, and computers)

Favorite Food: Thai Curry Wings!!

Favorite Movie – The Fifth Element or Stardust.. both so good

Favorite Musician – Tenth Avenue North

Favorite Passion – Apologetics as it pertains to Philosophy, and creation science

One fun thing many people might not know about me:  I worked for 4 years on Iowa’s 71st Civil Support Team and worked alongside the FBI, DHS, FEMA, and DOE.

To meet some of our other fantastic leaders and people,
visit us on a Sunday morning, 10:00 am at the Bremer County Fairgrounds.