by Erin Bird,

Deeper Worship
We spent some time looking at the spiritual discipline of worship this week at our worship gathering. I’d like to give you a few more ideas on how you can grow in this discipline.

1. Sacred Pathways
I highly recommend Gary Thomas’ book Sacred Pathways. He lays out nine different “pathways” that seem to help people worship God. If you are curious how God has designed you to connect with him, but don’t want to read the book, try this online survey.

2. Gospel Shaped Worship
Use this RightNow Media study to help you allow the gospel guide you in your worship of our grace-filled Triune God. (If you need a free RightNow Media login, shoot me an email and I can get a login email sent to you.)

3. Worship Synergy
I personally love being in nature. I also like worshipping God through music. So sometimes, I combine the two by grabbing earbuds to listen to Jesus-centered songs while walking a forest trail.

So consider combining various elements like…

  • lighting a scented candle while reading your Bible,
  • listening to worship music on a day you are fasting,
  • reading your Bible outside on a deck, patio, or picnic table,
  • discussing a thought-provoking book with a friend,
  • spending an hour in prayer before coming to our Sunday Worship Gathering
4. Try something completely different
Sometimes, the best way to grow in the spiritual discipline of worship is to try something new. Here are some ideas:
  • If you’ve never used a book to guide your prayers, get something like The Valley of Vision to lead you to pray differently
  • Or, if you’ve never really prayed freely, consider writing out your prayers in a journal.
  • If you only listen to contemporary worship music, find some solid old hymns on Spotify or YouTube to lead you in worship through music (or vice versa).
  • If you only read your Bible silently, consider listening to an audio Bible, or read it aloud with someone.