The Heart of the Action

By Erin Bird

Today, we conclude our series From the Heart. In the first three weeks, we saw that your “heart” (according to the Bible) is the seat of your emotions, thoughts, and will. We then made a shift last week to see how your heart affects your words and actions. Since we looked at words last week, let’s look at how your actions come from your “heart”.

In Jesus’ famous “Sermon on the Mount,” He gives us this memorable little nugget:

“For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” (Matthew 6:21)

When I hear the word “treasure,” for some reason my mind thinks of a large wooden chest pirates search for knowing gold and pearls await within. But treasure is far more than just money. A “treasure” is anything a person finds valuable: a vintage baseball card, a stuffed animal, an heirloom, even a person.

For instance, if Jared “treasures” Julie, he will do whatever he can to gain and keep Julie’s affections. He might buy her flowers, write her a poem, take her to a nice restaurant, change her car’s oil, or wear her favorite cologne. Because Jared’s “heart” is for Julie, his actions reveal his heart’s intent and desire.

Last week, we saw how our words come from our heart.

But sometimes our words can actually run counter to our heart. For instance, if our imaginary Jared  tells Julie he loves her, but the actions mentioned above are being done for another woman, Jared’s words fall empty. So yes, your words come from your heart, but your actions reveal more deeply what you truly believe.

So let me ask you: what do your actions reveal?

Now hear me clearly: I am not trying to push you toward legalism with that question. But I do want to see you living wholeheartedly for Christ. So I encourage you to examine yourself by looking at your regular actions, then ask yourself “what do those actions reveal I treasure?” Do you treasure the gospel? Do you treasure your family? Or are you treasuring yourself or something else?