A New Series

by Erin Bird

Because my upcoming podcast will be about how the gospel speaks into our everyday struggles, I spent some time reading books about the gospel during my sabbatical (as well as a lot of fiction!). Through my reading, one of the things that hit me about the gospel was just how multifaceted the gospel is.

If you have ever held a diamond or precious stone in your hand, it has most likely been chipped or shaped in such a way to allow the beauty of the stone to shine through. As you turn it in your hand, you see different reflections and colors. The whole thing is the diamond, but you appreciate its beauty through the facets.

Spiritually, the gospel is a diamond. The Scriptures teach us a wide variety of  “facets” about the gospel. Because I want you to be passionately in love with Jesus, over the next several weeks, I want to help you contemplate how, through the gospel, a person can be:

  • given new birth
  • adopted
  • justified
  • reconciled
  • ransomed
  • assured
  • and so much more.

My hope is that you will be overwhelmed by the realization of how much God loves you, and get a glimpse of what has taken place in your life through the life, death, & resurrection of God’s Son if you have chosen to put your faith in Jesus.

So join me next week as we kick off the “Gospel Facets” series.