How to Love

By Erin Bird

I feel God calling us as a church family to lean even deeper into the idea of “Loving like Jesus loved” in 2021. Not because I think we’ve been doing a bad job of loving one another and those around us. Just the opposite!

I think “love” is one of our strengths.

You guys do an awesome job of making first time guests feel welcomed on Sundays. And I’ve witnessed you guys loving one another, even through this pandemic. So while we can always improve, I think we are doing well in “love” as a church family.

But rather than coast on one of our strengths, I think we should lean in to it even more. Just like a proficient basketball player still practices free throws, I think we can continue to practice and grow in our love, so we might “love like Jesus loved” more and more.

With this in mind, I want to start a new series entitled How to LoveOver the next several weeks, we’ll look at the ideas of loving humbly and selflessly, by listening, by giving, and much more.

So be sure to open next week’s blog to join me on this journey of considering How to Love more and more like Jesus.