Love Jesusly

By Erin Bird

Today, we conclude our How to Love series.

Love Like Jesus
Throughout our How to Love series, we have looked at loving others:

  • Humbly
  • Selflessly
  • by Listening
  • Generously
  • with Intention
  • and with Joy
  • while also loving ourselves.

But I can wrap all of that up with one phrase: Love Like Jesus.

If you look back at each of those previous topics, you will notice how I turned the issue to Christ almost every single week. Jesus is to be our example as well as our motivation. To love others humbly and generously and joyfully is to love them the way Jesus loves them.

Which means, loving “Jesusly” is an act of worship. In Matthew 25, Jesus said that when you love others (especially the “least of these”), you are doing it as if you were doing it for Him.

So may you find joy in humbling yourself and selflessly loving others, worshiping Jesus by generously giving your time and energy and life to help others know just how much they are loved by God. And by doing so, you will be exalting and worshiping the One who showed His love to the full by dying on the cross for you.