Dare Something Greater

Sermon Synopsis

Note: While applicable to all, this sermon was prepared with men in mind.

Saul was to wait 7 days for Samuel to arrive in order to make a sacrifice to God. With an insurmountable force of Philistines ready to attack, he gets impatient and performs the sacrifice himself. This showed no trust in God and his ability to overcome the odds.

Ephesians chapter 4 says that God is able to do far more than we can even ask Him.

How to dare to do something greater:

  1. Choose - Jonathan made a choice and God supported his actions
  2. Initiate - it’s not enough to make the choice, we have to initiate. For husbands: initiate a date, initiate a conversation, initiate prayer. For dad’s: iniate time with your kids.
  3. Risk - there will be a risk in following God. Jonathan could have lost his life. We could be hurt emotionally or physically. It’s still important to follow God’s commands.
  4. Influence - Jonathan influenced his armor-bearer and he willingly joined him. Does our influence push people towards God or away from him? Influence causing someone to be with you “heart and soul”
  5. Impact - what is the impact we are having on others?
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