Holy Week Invites

April 6, 2023

In this week's blog post, I want to invite you to do four things:

Invite #1: Come to our Good Friday worship gathering.

We have planned a simple-yet-deeply-reflective worship gathering to help you connect with our loving God this weekend. We will remember the cross of Christ through song, Scripture, and communion. Please join us tomorrow (April 7) at 7:00 pm. (Note to parents: We will have a staffed nursery for kids 4 & under. Kindergartners on up are invited to worship with you.)

Invite #2: Invite someone to our Easter service.

It's not too late to invite (or follow-up on an invitation with) someone to attend our Easter Worship Gathering on Sunday. As Cassy Townsley said this past Sunday during our Family Notes Time, don't overthink it! Just send the text or email, or even call them, and extend the invitation.

(Bonus Tip: Don't invite them to Riverwood; invite them to Easter. If they say no, or can't come, they are saying no to one event (Easter), not to ever coming to Riverwood in the future.)

Invite #3: Come celebrate the resurrection with us!

Join us Easter Sunday (April 9) at 9:30 am celebrating the truth that Jesus conquered death. It's going to be a REALLY good day, and we'd love to share it with you!

Invite #4: Worship all weekend.

Don't let your worship of God be relegated to just Good Friday or Sunday morning. Find some other ways to worship God this weekend. You could:

  • Find time to read the biblical account of the cross. (We will hear Luke's account during our Good Friday gathering, so consider reading Matthew, Mark, or John's account.)
  • Listen to some music that reminds you of what Jesus gave up for you. The Gospel Coalition has put together a playlist of 75 songs for Holy Week.

    Spotify: bit.ly/40s2JoW
    Apple Music: bit.ly/40y9GVv
    Amazon Music: bit.ly/3ZC5jr3
  • Confess your sins in a time of prayer.
  • Spend sundown Friday through Sunday morning fasting from food.
  • Host a party Sunday afternoon!

In other words, do something to elevate this Holy Weekend from every other weekend.

Erin Bird Lead Pastor - Riverwood Church

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