Living Like Jesus in a Selfie World

June 25, 2015

By Erin Bird

Confession: I have never taken a "selfie" based on the inherent definition. If my wife or one of my kids is with me, I might hold my phone out at arm's length and snap a photo, but that would not be a true selfie. (Would you call it a "groupie"?)

Maybe it's because I'm a guy, or maybe it's because I don't think I'm good looking enough to fill a photo taken at arm's length. But the simple matter is I simply have no interest in taking a selfie.

Yet I think there are times when I have displayed a selfie attitude.

The selfie screams, "Look at me!" While I may not post photos of myself holding a camera at arms length, I have...

  • …an About Me page online.
  • …been more interested in telling my own story than listening to some one else's.
  • …talked a little too much trying to keep someone's attention.
  • …posted pictures of my kids because I think they make me look good.

You too?

How about you? Are you engaging in "selfie" ways in daily life like me? If so, what changes might you need to make to be more others-focused?

Do you need to...

  • listen more than you talk about yourself?
  • …write someone a note or send them a card, without looking for something in return?
  • …give someone a small, thoughtful gift?
  • …use your break or lunch time at work to spend time with one of your co-workers?
  • ask more questions to draw people out?

So many people in today's society are clamoring for attention. That's why they post selfies. But rather than just join in with the roar for attention, let's be the people that GIVE the attention. Let's live selflessly in a selfie world. Let's live like Jesus lived and love like Jesus loved.

Erin Bird Lead Pastor - Riverwood Church

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