Love One Another

February 8, 2024


...can be awesome! And it can be frustrating.

Whether you have parents, kids, a spouse, or siblings, you know that familial relationships can be rich and inspiring, or draining and disappointing. (And sometimes they are both within the same day!)

Love One Another • Riverwood Church

Yet, a large majority of families fight to maintain a relationship despite political differences, personality quirks, and the we-are-way-too-much-alike-that-you-drive-me-crazy moments. Dad might be extremely frustrated by his kids, yet he would readily die for them without a second's thought.

This is the type of love God is communicating in Romans 12:10. As part of our One Thought series, the one idea I want to draw out of the first phrase: To "[l]ove one another with brotherly affection" is the idea of having a completely-dedicated-and-affectionate type of love.

The Greek word the English Standard Version translates as "brotherly affection" is philostorgoi. This word means "the mutual love and affection of parents, children, wives, and husbands." It conveys a sense of tenderness. Yet, it is also a fierce love. This isn't like the "love" our culture has for fashion trends and music styles. This is a never-ending, constant affection for a friend or family member despite their failings and weaknesses. In fact, I would argue this type of "brotherly affection" increases the more the other person hurts. Like a mother rushing to her crying child, a Jesus-follower runs to their brother or sister in Christ when they are hurting.

This is the type of love I argued for on Vision Sunday. For us to be the church God calls us to be, we have to "Love one another with brotherly affection." Or, as the NET Bible puts it, to "Be devoted to one another with mutual love."

So as we consider how to apply this one thought, let me ask: Who has God put in your life to whom you need to show brotherly affection? And how can you show them this type of devoted love today or this week?

Erin Bird Lead Pastor - Riverwood Church

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