Ransomed through the Gospel

September 24, 2020

By Erin Bird

Let's jump right into this week's "episode" in our Gospel Facets series. This week, we look at the idea of being "ransomed."

If you are part of the Riverwood family, when you hear the word "ransom", you might think of our very own Terry & Jackie Ransom. But as much as I would love to talk about how awesome the Ransoms are, that is not the type of "ransom" we are discussing this week. (Even though I seriously think you should do what you can to get to know Terry & Jackie!)

Typically, the word "ransom" is connected with the concept of kidnapping. A criminal snatches a person, holds them captive, and demands a ransom (some sort of payment) before letting the kidnapped person go. Not exactly a cheery concept.

But this "negative" concept turns into a positive when seen through the Gospel. In Genesis 3, we read about how sin "kidnapped" humanity from God through the rebellious act of Adam and Eve.  And the ransom payment was death. However, the Gospel tells us the good news that Jesus, God the Son, willingly paid the ransom by giving His own life for us by dying on the cross.

This is where we also see the "facet" of redemption in the Gospel. When the ransom was paid by Jesus, we were "redeemed". Just like a shopper gives a coupon to the grocery store clerk to "redeem" the food item, Jesus gave His life to redeem you from the clutches of sin.

What an overwhelming thought! Our sin created a chasm between us and God far too wide for us to cross on our own, but Jesus, out of His love for us, came down, and built a bridge across that chasm with a cross. He redeemed us by paying the ransom for our souls.

May the truth of this facet help carry you through your toughest days, or the days when you feel God doesn't love you, or when you feel as if sin has too strong of a grip upon your life. You've been ransomed! You've been freed! So enjoy the love of your Heavenly Father who paid the price to bring you back to Him.

Erin Bird Lead Pastor - Riverwood Church

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