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Who doesn't like no-strings-attached free stuff? There is no obligation to come on a Sunday. No "registration" required for access. We simply want to be a blessing to you. So if any of these can be of help, feel free to download and make it yours. Enjoy!

COVID-19 Prayer Drive Guide

Grab your family and a Bible, then jump in the car and drive to six different locations to pray for our community and our world during the 2020 pandemic.

Bible Reading Plans

"Entire Bible" Reading plans

His Story Bible Reading Bookmarks

Reading Plan - Part 1 (Jan – mid-Apr)
Reading Plan - Part 2 (mid-Apr – Jun)
Reading Plan - Part 3 (Jul – early-Sept)
Reading Plan - Part 4 (Sept – mid-Nov)[spacer height="30px"]

New in 90

Read the entire New Testament in 90 days! Get the bookmark here. [spacer height="30px"]

28 Day New Testament Overview

Learn some of the big stories and doctrines of the New Testament in only 5-10 minutes per day. Get the bookmark here.

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