Firm Faith (Daniel #6)

Most people want glory without putting in the effort. But when things get hard, they tend to bail.

In this week’s sermon from Riverwood Church, Pastor Erin Bird concludes our series through Daniel by talking about three ways to stay firm in your faith so you don’t bail when life gets rough. If you need encouragement or want to have a firm faith like Daniel, this message is for you.

Forgotten Faith (Daniel #5)

For most of us, it’s easy to forget God when things aren’t going our way. Years after king Nebuchadnezzar died, his son Belshazzar took over the throne of Babylon. After all those years he forgot that God was the one that he should worship and obey. He was forgetful of a lesson that was taught to Babylon a long time ago. This week Pastor Erin Bird discusses the importance of obeying and remember the rules God has for us.

Crazy Faith (Daniel #4)

Worship means to give worth to something. And whatever has worth in our eyes receives our faith. Some of use put our faith in things like media, food, people, or even an addiction. God, however, says our primary faith should be in Him.

This week, Pastor Erin Bird teaches from Daniel 4 about the story of King Nebuchadnezzar, who (like us) put his faith in something other than God. This misplaced faith led to his complete humiliation and embarrassment. But God didn’t shame the king to destroy him, but rather to love him. Listen in to learn how God wants to change your misplaced faith into true faith that will put you on sure footing.

Faith through the Furnace (Daniel #3)

Life can put us in some awkward or difficult situations. Sometimes we do something or don’t do something and all of a sudden we feel trapped in a hard situation. If its bad enough, it may feel like everything is on fire and we don’t know what to do next. This week Pastor Erin Bird continues our dive into the book of Daniel and talks about Daniel and his friends experience in the fiery furnace. He helps us see what it looks like to trust God when things don’t go the way we want.

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