Jesus Our Great High Priest

Have you ever had a chance to meet someone famous? If so, perhaps you were at a loss for words, or perhaps said something silly, or embarrassed yourself by acting differently than you normally do.

But what would it be like to meet Jesus?

Listen in as guest teacher, Shane Klein, walks us through Hebrews 4:14-16, seeing Jesus as our Great High Priest.

Jesus in the Ten Commandments (His Story #12)

A few years ago, the Ten Commandments were in modern-day news. Should they still be observed? Should they be ignored? Or do these ancient Jewish laws fulfill some other purpose for Jesus-followers in light of the Gospel?

Listen in as Pastor Erin explains from Exodus 20:1-17 how the Ten Commandments should or should not affect your life today.

Jesus in the Passover (His Story #11)

Every human alive has had at least one significant day that changed their lives. Whether it’s the birth of a child, a wedding, graduation day, or their own birth, everyone has gone through a day that changed everything.

The ancient Israelites went through a day that changed them as a nation and changed their religion. The day became known as Passover.

And yet, as significant as the Passover was, it actually points to a day that is even more significant and powerful, capable of changing not just  one people group, but all people. Listen in and discover just how significant the gospel can be in your life.

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