Vision Sunday 2021

For our annual Vision Sunday, Pastor Erin takes some time to look back at all the things God did in 2020 (and it’s a lot of really big things!), as well as where he and the Elder Team believe God is calling us in 2021. While this sermon is primarily aimed at the Riverwood Church family, it is a great message for anyone who has supported Riverwood in the past or is considering making Riverwood their home church in the future.

Vision Sunday

We believe God has given Riverwood a very important mission, to invite the spiritually disconnected of our communities to find and follow Jesus. But are we accomplishing it?

On Vision Sunday, Pastor Erin Bird helps us look back at 2019 to see how we did and did not accomplish our God-given mission, and Elder Tim Corcoran helps us look ahead to 2020 to see what might be ahead to help us continue helping people in our region find Jesus.

This is a memorable Sunday in the life of Riverwood, so give this week’s message a listen!

Jesus Resurrects Dry Bones (His Story #25)

In the book of Ezekiel is a famous story about dry bones becoming skeletons which become bodies which become living human beings. But did you know this famous story from Ezekiel 37 can also help you in the moments you are struggling to trust God in your darkest moments? Listen in to be encouraged that your current condition is not your forever condition.

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