Isaiah’s Song – Hope (Christmas Songs #1)

A big part of the holiday season is Christmas music. But did you know the Bible has some “Christmas” songs?
In this first message of our “Christmas Songs of the Bible” sermon series, Pastor Erin Bird walks us through a Christmas song that was written roughly 700 years before the first Christmas. And the words of that song answers the cry of every human heart.
So listen in to “Isaiah’s Song.”

Prince of Peace (A Son is Given #4)

We all long for peace. From birth to death to multiple points in-between, we long for calm in the midst of the chaos of life.

But all of our attempts to find peace usually end up temporary and ineffective. How do we find true lasting peace?

In this final message in the Advent series A Son is Given, Pastor Erin Bird shows from Colossians 1:19-20 why Jesus was given the name “Prince of Peace” more than 700 years before He arrived that first Christmas Day, and how you can find a peace that surpasses understanding.

Everlasting Father (A Son is Given #3)

Dads make a huge difference in our lives. Their presence or absence affects us far more deeply than we may realize. The love of a good daddy can make all the difference.

Did you know that Jesus displays love like a perfect dad? Listen in to this third message in the Advent series A Son is Given to discover why Isaiah called Jesus “Everlasting Father.”

Mighty God (A Son is Given #2)

Have you ever had an initial impression of someone only to discover you were totally wrong? You might have made a wrong assumption about their age, education level, or importance at work.

Throughout history, large swaths of humanity have made the same mistake about Jesus. They have thought of him as just another human, or a wise sage, or even a great prophet from God. But those assessments are WAY off.

Listen in to this second message in the A Son is Given Advent series to be reminder or even to discover that Jesus isn’t just a great human, but rather the Mighty God.

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