Gospel Doctrine vs. Gospel Culture (Church Intention #1)

Life is full of tension. If you have parents, a spouse, kids, coworkers, or classmates, you have experienced tension.

But “tension” isn’t just found in relationships. You can also find it in politics, on social media, and even in church. And oftentimes, when we encounter tension, we seek to resolve it.

However, some “tension” can’t be resolved. In fact, there are some arenas in life where you should “intentionally” remain in “tension.” Listen in as Pastor Erin Bird walks us through one such tension that should exist within a church.

Who are Elders (Elders #2)

Last Sunday, we heard why a church would want elders to lead them. But who should these elders be? The most outspoken guy in the church? The bank president who has proven to be a success and great manager? The lady who has been a part of the church the longest or served on every other committee?

In this week’s message, Pastor Erin Bird walks us through the qualifications the Apostle Paul gave to Titus about who would make a great elder for a church.

The Disciples: The Call and the Cost to Following Jesus (His Story #30)

The first-century disciples (followers) of Jesus were ordinary men and women like you and me. But some of them did extraordinary things because they allowed their lives to not be about themselves, but to be all about the message and life of Jesus.

No matter where you are in your spiritual journey, if you want to follow Jesus (or are simply curious about following Him) listen in as Riverwood’s Worship Pastor, Jeff Willis, talks about the call and cost of following Jesus.

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