Trust Issues (Acorn Theology #2)

In Week 1 of “Acorn Theology”, Erin taught from Psalm 1:1-4. Here in Week 2, he teaches from Jeremiah 17:5-8. Two different passages, written by two different authors, most likely at two different periods in history. And yet, they have very similar imagery and truth.

Rather than skip over Jeremiah 17 because “I’ve already heard this in Psalm 1,” perhaps we should lean in with rapt attention because God is trying to say something to us. And what he wants to say to you through Jeremiah’s words has the potential to give you a peace and confidence you didn’t think possible.

So lean in. Listen to this message. And get ready to have your prayer life impacted as you connect with God and discover what it means to trust Him.

Good Soil (Acorn Theology #1)

You might scoff a little bit at the idea of peer pressure, but there is some truth to it: who you hang out with influences your decisions in life.

This reality is true even in your spiritual growth. Who you hang out with affects how you grow spiritually. You are like an acorn, filled with the potential to become something great, but if you are planted in the wrong soil, your growth will be stunted or even stopped.

So what is “good soil” and how do you get in it to maximize your spiritual growth? Listen in to discover the answer to that question.

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