Supplication (ACTS of Prayer #4)

If you are like most people, you don’t want to be seen as a bothersome pest, whether at work, home, or in your relationship with God. And yet, Jesus invites His followers to persist in prayer, almost to the point of seeming like a spiritual pest to God.

In this last message in the ACTS of Prayer sermon series, Pastor Erin Bird helps us see why persistent prayer isn’t bothersome to God, but rather honoring and glorifying. So listen in to learn the importance and power of proper supplication.

Confession (ACTS of Prayer #2)

Have you ever had a problem in life that, in the moment, seemed overwhelming, but years later, as you look back at that moment, you realize it wasn’t that huge of a deal?

That’s perspective.

In this second message in the ACTS of Prayer series, Pastor Erin Bird helps us see how the letter A (Adoration) in the ACTS model of prayer gives us perspective. And that perspective leads us to the letter C – Confession. And Confession leads us to connecting deeper with our Creator.

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